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My Anxiety Top Tips.

Пост обновлен 1 янв. 2019 г.

Hello and Welcome to my new blog *cheering*. I decided to have a 'clear out' and fresh start, I found my old blog was too morbid and was time to let go of certain issues and become more of a positive person (which is proving very successful). On my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - go and follow me - I created polls, which allowed you guys to decide which blog theme you would love to see on my new website. The most preferred suggestion was "My 5 year plan", however, I had lots of personal requests to do a blog post about how I deal with Anxiety in my day to day life. People that read my old blog or know me personally are aware of how open I am, especially towards mental health, which made it a perfect opportunity to carry my beliefs through to my new blog.

Mental Health has always effected me since I was in year 7, at that point in my life I had not been diagnosed or even aware of Mental Health Conditions such as Anxiety. However, being diagnosed now for over 5 years I have managed to cook up some helpful tactics with my Psychiatrist and family members. Its surprising how beneficial these suggestions and top tips are. It does need to be taken into consideration that these tips might not work for everyone, as peoples triggers and symptoms are different. On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to make them unique to you and your disorder.

So here it goes, my attempt of Anxiety Top Tips!

  1. Create a safe place. Now this can be anywhere, mine is my bedroom, yours could be a tree house, an out house, a shed, anywhere that you can claim as your own. Decorate this area with objects that create a sense of happiness. There doesn't need to be a theme, it doesn't need to be colour coordinated. Remember this space is your safe area, somewhere which brings you joy, somewhere which shouts positivity and personal wellbeing. Mine is beach themed, due to my love of water and coastlines. My safe place is always full with sunlight and I rarely close my windows. I have flowers, fresh ones regularly. My books and family portraits give me a sense of grounding. Yours can be as minimalistic, or as chaotic as you wish. Express yourself through your safe place.

  2. Fill your music app with motivating playlists. Everyone has a phone in todays society, social media and music is a big part in this generations culture. Music apps such as Spotify, which by 2016 had 100 millions users, have become ever increasingly popular. I find having sad music on my Spotify Account a barrier, when I become anxious I tend to favour more motivating and faster paced songs, it allows my mood to be uplifted and the foggy haze to pass. Supressing the increase of heart rate, breathing and thought processing. Although some people prefer podcasts, or more relaxing forms of music.

  3. Be Honest. Having Anxiety is not the end of the world - although not being able to breath during a panic attack makes you feel that way - it really isn't. There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed. Express your worries and symptoms with loved ones, work colleagues, friends. Letting other people in will take the pressure of your diagnosis. When I explained my condition to my family and my boyfriend it became easier to over come panic attacks and moments of anxiety. Being open and sharing your personal and unique coping strategies with important people in your life, they are able to become a support network for you.

  4. Purchase a Yoga Mat. When my Psychiatrist suggest Yoga, my instant response was a huge eye roll. For years I failed to give Yoga a chance, until I brought my Yoga Mat. It stayed stored away in my wardrobe for weeks until the sleepless nights and the panic attacks were becoming to dominate.  It turns out that Yoga Mat allowed to stretch, respect and nurture my body through 10-20 minute sessions a day. I began to feel more refreshed and less tense after each session. Anxiety has an physical effect  on patients, one common side effect being muscle tension. Removing one of your symptoms allows more time and effort to be put into other symptoms such as breathing techniques.

  5. Download the Relax Meditation App. I never realised the power of meditation, I always thought it was a pile of .... but once I gave it a chance and made a conscious effort, it began having more of an impact. The Relax Meditation App is available for IOS and Androids. It allows you to select certain sounds which you find relaxing, along with music and timing. I usually listen to my preferred selection of sounds 30 minutes before bed, I turn my brightness down to reduce blue light level.

  6. Sleep is not for the weak. Get rid of that idiotic saying. Sleep is a vital part of life, sleep allows our bodies to repair, relax and regenerate. Having the recommended hours of sleep a night has a lasting effect on your state of mind. Sleeplessness is a symptom of Anxiety, however, creating a structured routine allows you to pre-programme your brain into knowing when its time to have some shut eye. Having a lukewarm bath or shower before bed, reducing time spent on your electronics, having herbal tea and even spraying lavender on your pillows is always a good tip to use. This allows you to drift into a unconscious zone of relaxation.

  7. Stay away from caffeine before bed. This is my downfall, after having my nice bubble bath and face mask, I have pre-programmed my brain into knowing its nearly time for bed. Then I decide to have a cup of tea, as soon as that caffeine has reached my brain, it instantly reverses the effects of my previous top tips. Stay away from the caffeine if you want a good nights sleep.

  8. Know your triggers. This will effect everyone differently. Personally, alcohol is a massive trigger for me. People shouting at me is a significant trigger along with the fear of failure. Knowing your triggers allow you to establish ways of over coming them, confronting them and managing them. For me I don't drink, I diffuse situations before shouting occurs and I work hard to avoid failing. Don't be scared to share your triggers with other people, remember tip number 3...BE HONEST.

Now you know my eight Anxiety top tips, if you suffer from anxiety put these into practice. There are so many websites which also offer advice a tips to deal with Anxiety. Don't be afraid to make a change, your mental wellbeing is the most important factor in life. Links to websites will be on my Seek Help Page.

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