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The Sunshine Blogger awards!

Afternoon my wonderful readers. I have some exciting news! My fellow blogger friend Sophie has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, I appreciate this so much. This is my second nomination for an award and it just proves that hard work and dedication pays of sooner than later. However, in order to be recognised further there are some rules that nominees need to follow. Before I delve into the 'rules' I will explain quickly what the Sunshine Blogger Awards are.

The Sunshine Blogger Awards are small but significant awards that recognise newer bloggers like myself that don't have as much followers as the leading bloggers nationwide. It allows like minded bloggers to connect with one another, giving the community to expand.

Now you know what the Sunshine Blogger Awards are in simple terms, here are the rules.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post and link back to their blog

  2. Answer 11 questions personally chosen by the blogger.

  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and re-create 11 questions that they will need to feature in their blog.

  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Awards logo.

So point 1 and point 4 are already complete, now we need to move on to point 2 and 3.

My 11 Questions-Answers.

  1. What inspired you to start a Blog? I found that a large proportion of people surrounding me had little knowledge of Mental Health Conditions, living in a conservative town, it can become quite hard for people to understand the impact Mental Health Conditions have on everyday life but also the encouragement to help others receive help and not feel so isolated. Hence the reasoning behind the theme of my blog.

  2. Where would your ideal place to live be and why? My ideal place to live would be Paris, above a bakery with a vintage balcony and rose filled flower pots. This has always been my dream after a school trip when I was 15 to Paris. It has inspired me to learn a second language and the beauty behind the French culture and historical background. Plus - I love cakes and bread so living above a Bakery would be a BONUS.

  3. What song could you listen to multipul times and never get bored of? Joni Mitchell's record Both Sides Now is one of my favourites songs. It has a true meaning behind the lyrics - but also because it is on the soundtracks of one of my favourite films Love Actually. The Christmas classic.

  4. What is my favourite book? This is a hard question to answer because I LOVE most of the books I have read. However, the best book I read as a child was Matilda, although as a child I was unaware of the dark twists (child neglect and abuse) I thrived to be like Matilda, strong willed and intelligent. I will never forget receiving this book for Christmas in 2007. I must have read it within two days and kept re-reading it for months.

  5. If you owned your own business what would it be? A business dedicated to creating everyday items for left handed people. I struggle daily and find it hard to find cheap left handed scissors and rulers - especially left handed notebooks (where the spine is on the other side of the book).

  6. Sunset or sunrise?  Sunrise all the way - it signifies a new day and fresh beginning.

  7. What are you five favourite possessions? My Teddy Bear called Dennis, I inherited it from my Nanna when she sadly died in 2011, it is always sat on my bed and I will taking it to university with me. My gold necklace brought in Saudi Arabia - it is one of the only items I have that are personalised with my name. Also my photo album that has all my family photos inside and old friends. My handmade chicken doorstop I made my mum, even though it is not longer within my possession it was my first ever sewing project. The photo of my aunty and the last photo ever taken of my Nana and myself.

  8.  Do you have a colour theme and why? My colour theme is inspired by the beach so it is mainly an array of blues and white. The beach is one of my safe places and holds many family memories for me so sleeping and waking up in a homemade 'beach-hut' makes me so relaxed.

  9. What is your favourite thing to cook and why? Defiantly Millionaire Shortbreads. Only because they taste amazing and I love licking the bowl once I melted all the chocolate!

  10. If you could take your family anywhere where would you take them? I would take my family to Brixham in Devon, it is fantastic down there. It has other benefits like adventure parks, zoos and waterparks for my little Sister and Niece accompanied with swimming pools and beaches for my older Brother and Mum.

  11. What do you regret in your schooling years? There isn't really much I regret, the only thing I really regret is allowing old friends to take advantage of myself and my family, and sticking up to those dreaded girls and bullies that I was to intimidated by.

So there are my answers to the questions asked by Sophie, the link to her blog is supplied at the at of this blog entry. Simply click on the underlined 'Sophie'. Now the last point to be checked off. My nominations and 11 questions.


Because I'm new to this high level of traffic and blogging community I have been able to nominate a couple of fellow bloggers that I follow religiously and love their content.

Ellie - The Diary Of Ellie

Amy - Life With Amy

Bryony - Bryony Baker

Amy - Amy Jane

Questions I want answered

  1. What is the story behind your name, where did it come from?

  2. What is your most embarrassing story?

  3. What is your spiritual animal and why?

  4. What is your favourite homemade meal?

  5. Did you have any annoying nicknames at school and what were they?

  6. When and how did you come into Blogging?

  7. Who is your role model or idol?

  8. Do you believe in Gender Equality?

  9. What life legacy do you live by?

  10. What is your preferred film genre?

  11. What do you aim to achieve in 10 years time?

So there you go. There is my Sunshine Blogging Award entry, click on the nominees blogs and given their creative work a read, the defiantly deserve the recognition.

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